for The weekend from 1 to 3 november in the Netherlands, with a red mark. During those days, in Heerenveen, the netherlands-namely, the qualifiers take place for the world Cup in speed skating, two weeks later, in belarus Minsk. Ireen Wüst is a will, there is sure to be in the wonderful arena of the Vessel, even though it’s hard mentally to be the world’s most successful olympic ice skater ever.

anyone Who skates, it says, is meant to Ireen Wüst. The 33-year-old dutchwoman won in her illustrious career, all of the eleven olympic medals: five gold, five silver and one bronze. No one in her sport to do better. In terms of winteratletes have Wüst is a single of the Norwegian langlaufster Marit Björgen (15), biatleet Ole Einar Björndalen (13), and cross-country skier Bjorn Daehlie (12) and a step behind. The one and only ice-skating in the heart of his Job as Kramer and Claudia Pechstein, who, at nine olympic medals sitting down.

in Addition, Wüst of the six world championships all-around, five European titles, all-round, and fewer than 28 medals in the world CHAMPIONSHIP distances (one of which is thirteen gold). However, if the woman Goirie asked about her favorites, then she’s perfect, whatever that is, and the gold medal in her 1500 metres at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in distances this year, with beautiful view.

The Netherlands was wearing her victory on her best friend, Pauline van Deutekom, which is less than a month ago, died after a battle against lung cancer. The ex-skater it was less than 37 years of age. “The lovely lady next, friend, ever, my dearest friend”, wrote, ” Wüst, when, on her Instagram. “I’m so proud of you!! As bravely fought, and fought, in an unfair battle, not to win, fell down. But it’s so full of energy and always in a positive way! I am so overcome with sorrow that I have I’m sure you’ll be missed, but so thankful that you are my Buuffie it was. I have so many of you have been taught.”


the Fingers

finally, Wüst, giving her a gold medal in the 1,500 meters in Inzell, at the-year-old daughter and her best friend. “I hope it will; The later, when they get a little older, it is proud of,” said Wüst in The World is. “I wanted to love it so much. For Every, and for everyone who has Every loved. I’ve never been so nervous. It was a long and crazy day. We did everything together, except for breakfast and sleep in. For the last time, it was very, very difficult.”

now, The Dutch legend has put out, following her victory in Germany, and her middle finger up in the air. “Normally, I’m not really a middle finger,” she admitted. “But that should be Every at the middle finger as a sign against the cancer. Because we have this battle, would win the race, but unfortunately that is not the way.”

Two months later, it was played with a different finger and have a big role to play in the life of an athlete, namely, the ring-finger of her dear Letitia de Jong (also a skater). Wüst asked her to marry him, and she gave a wholehearted, “YES!” as a response in a refinery.


the Sorrows

very friendly and it is not by Wüst, however, the grief over the loss of her best friend, her life. Due to the skating, there was no time to mourn, and that it was in the Netherlands at the end of the previous season’s price.

“During the first week of January, my life has stopped,” says Wüst is a tear in the “I was with my best friend, a lot of young are lost, and the grief was intense. I didn’t know that grief is such a pain to do, and this is, by far, the hardest thing that I have in my life, I have been there. It is an open wound that needs to dichtgroeien. The scar will always be there, but I think that’s also fine. Any time I have been privileged to witness, and they will always be in my heart. An hour after the funeral, I boarded a private jet to Collalbo for the CHAMPIONSHIP Round. I went to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, as a tribute to Paulus, but to me, there’s very little to remember.”

“The CHAMPIONSHIP distance with beautiful view in mid-February was a very special place for me,” she says. “I became a world champion in the 1500 meters, and that it was the same on the date of 10th of February-ed.) that Every, ten years earlier, world champion all-round it was. You will often hear people say they were there. But it is not until you experience it, you know what they mean. Every was real in the. After the world cup, I was on it. I had all of my toes are pressed out, and in the world cup Round in Calgary, alberta, canada came up, I almost didn’t want to move. You have to do yourself each and every time is better than you really are.”

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The Netherlands wants to be at the next world CHAMPIONSHIPS the distances, in Salt Lake City, (13-16 February), a new world record in the history of skating. But whether or not that’s going to happen, it is not the question. During the past summer, ran into her preparation, not at the wheels. Wüst was suffering from a migraine, and felt a pain in her heart during strenuous activity. According to doctors, this is a clear example of the “broken heart syndrome”.

“Well, logically, what was going on, and if you also want to see how brutal it has been, and what I have done in months,” she said at the launch of her team’s TalentNED. “I would have been better in January, for a holiday in the sun can get to be the loss of Every one place, to be able to give you. It was not an option. Ice kept me in the phase, structure and kept me in the arm and leg. The sport was the distraction I needed. But in doing so, I am now very much in the red on my body.

“I dare not predict how the season will go.”, you hear the sound of it. “Maybe not, but I do know what the cause is. But my own sixteen years of top-level sport will help. That is why I have all the confidence that I have in February, a record can be put down.”