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To the various accusations in the past few days have been pouring in about the fulfillment of the sanitary measures of the Covid 19 regulated by the Board of Andalusia in the running of the bulls held last 6 August at The Port of Santa Maria, the organiser of the celebrations, Sets of the Future, SL, wants to inform that complied with excess the regulations in force at that time.

To achieve health security required and the priority in these moments, we took among others the following measures that were included in a contingency plan submitted to the Board of Andalusia prior to the date of the celebration:

• Limitation of the capacity 50% , such and as stipulated in the regulations of the Board of Andalusia. The seating capacity of the plaza de toros de El Puerto de Santa María is set in 10.933 localities having sold a total of 5.451 entries that assumes the 49,85% and being excluded from the sale 5.482 entries, of which is attached to the company’s certificate tiquetera hired to manage the sale of tickets, Bacanti Investments and Services, SL through the computer programme “Management Lockers Plazas de Toros”.

• Use mandatory face masks , such and as stipulated in the regulations of the Board of Andalusia. In the physical inputs and sold over the internet are indicated by the mandatory use of masks during the celebration, revised to all the attendees who wore it correctly at the entrance of the bullring and is provided in the case of no carry, the staff of the plaza was attentive at all times to compliance with the correct use of the mask during the celebration, and were reminded over the public address system consistent and correct use of the masks at the start of the celebration and after the death of each bull.

• Opening the access doors to the plaza de toros 2 hours before the start of the show to facilitate the step input. This information was included in the entries. The output of the spectators of the plaza was equally staggered after the timely reminder over the pa.

• Access to the square with fences for the establishment of lanes, and signs of alienation in the soil.

• A member of the Red Cross took the temperature to each attendee at all the entrances of the square.

in Addition, we proceeded with the installation of a tent with a medical station advanced for the realization of rapid tests in the case of any assistant to give a fever.

• A person dispensing hydroalcoholic gel in each one of the entrances to the square and hanging. Also, dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel in the bathrooms, corrals and other outbuildings.

• All the locations blocked by the action of the Covid is clearly identified with a sticker indicating the prohibition of sitting, that the inhabilitaba for your use.

• Reinforcement of porters, private security , civil protection, and ushers to ensure the compliance of the regulations.

• Cleaning and disinfection prior in the dependencies of the square. Cleaning and disinfection constant of the toilets of the bullring during the celebration.

• Suspension of distribution of magazines, programmes and other documentation on paper.

• Installation of a generator, such as reinforcement of the lighting to be prevented before any damage.

In the framework of this pandemic Covid 19 that we are living, has been a priority for this company work so that they could celebrate bullfighting festivals in this season, subject at all times to the regulation of sanitary measures established, in this case, by the Junta de Andalucía. It has done a great human and economic effort to over-indulge in the fulfillment of those measures and we are very pleased to have achieved and surpassed and we cannot admit that the casting of slurs about our work and the work of the city Council of the city, which in all times has worked for the good development of the celebration.

Clarified the various points, we make available to those who request them by writing all of the documentation that certifies the above.

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