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If an intervention represents a damage to the heritage (in the case of Santander, a beacon), or if you put individuals in danger by altering their original function, has not taken place. Your author Okuda or any other. Another thing is the aesthetic issue . Right now there are artistic expressions, such as graffiti, that still do not have a clear acceptance in the collective imaginary. This case is paradigmatic in this regard.

The figures and landscapes dream that raises Okuda can be found in buildings and museums of many countries.

to Reduce his work to a mere background in which to take selfies it seems to me a very cynical. Social networks are there, we all use and store photo keepsakes of what makes us happy. is Not is more or less a cult by using Instagram . Nor does the rejection of visceral tourism translates into a greater appreciation and care of the heritage of instantly.

When Okuda intervenes a space to fill it with color with the purpose of influencing the mood of the viewers is considered shallow, but in this painting we find laudable constants like the fact of putting animals and humans at the same level, giving further importance to the Nature, transmitting the values of ecologists.

it Is reactionary to speak of high and low culture today . It is surpassed, even though most academics do not like it. Perhaps we should lose the fear to enjoy works that do not require a thorough reading intellectual, those in front that the mediation is unnecessary. It accuses Okuda superb for its self-sufficiency, because in our field are uncomfortable sovereignly an artist that does not need galleries, or rely on its presence at trade fairs. is Bothers you that you are at the margin of the market dynamics and, however, to carry out international projects of scale.



Little popularized, among other formulas, the expression “not puedol” as a kind of syndrome Bartleby version escaqueo. Although I have tried not to atragantarme too much with Okuda, what is certain is that, ultimately, ends up to be like indigestible, almost worse than a binge of fruit gums, the equivalent of graffiti to a parade of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada . It gives the impression that he had a desire to convey “good vibes”, but this “country multicolor” yours is a cheesiness so imposing that it would end up with the bee Maya. Just listen to the Anger in “The resistance” after spending a clip with what qualifies as a “highlights” of Okuda : “I “emocionao,” that is beautiful”. The artist dress with the “range rainbow” set to as pastry empathy. “You are leaving things very pretty,” adds the reporter chattering, all of a sudden loose a question: “Are you conscious?”. The nervous giggles put the ellipsis of the ridicule unconscious.

Something must have of smartass because not to do bowling , and the same commits a fault appalling poses with Revilla, “the tertullian indefatigable”, to announce that it has on the point of look at a lighthouse as the emblem of shipwreck, or check out a book (obviously, bright color) that oozes pathos naif. In the same way that some came to believe that “the king of fried chicken” was an exponent of the punk, now not depart politicians, managers, and sheep dissected to think that Okuda is counter-cultural, street or “avant-garde” . Has something of a decorator of nightclubs mesetarias, business of “merchandising” airport, an excellent student of the “happycracia” . As stated, “you have people on your team that takes care of the boring stuff like money”. Self-portrait of the creative entrepreneur-or neo-liberalism aesthetic cheeky.