You have to ask so Often, what is the “crime scene”-coordinators of the ARD actually do. Clever programming should have prevented the first of the WDR”scene of the crime” of the year anyway, that it’s being aired shortly after the impressive black forest “Tatort”-episode “Damian”.

Now it is not only a shame to the substance, presents, once again, work overload and career frustration in a special twist, as a motive for Action. It is also lose to very similar to the narrative style, the weggesendet now, twice in succession, to effect. In this case, the Cologne “Tatort” with Freddy Schenk (Dietmar Bär) and Max Ballauf (Klaus J. Behrendt) for crime aesthetically interested a lot of. In particular, the image design of Anton Moritz (night-time tracking shots in a running car wash) and the cut of Dora Vajda (fine, ironic motif connections) to make “More, always more” an eye-catcher. Sebastian Ko, who has already shot some of the “crime scenes” of the Cologne team, takes the viewers for a long time in the direction of “Small-man-against-big-mess”-populism, before the story gets to its original rotation.

A “bomb COP, a Maverick character”

top tips to prevent the state capital of Düsseldorf and the lack of cooperation by the Investigating authorities – for a light-hearted Moment, which seems to be in the public television in gloomy cases. After all, you do not disturb more, just like the stress of the move in the service.

the book of the with many TV award-winning Authors Jan Martin Scharf and Arne Nolting (“dead Poets society” for Vox, “the vineyard” for TNT series) is convincing as a psychological study of a revised and driven by patrol officers, with fatal consequences on their own, as the Cologne-based colleagues to take his murder seriously. Roeland Wiesnekker is playing this to the police-foreign service employees, degraded, Frank Lorenz, straight from Düsseldorf back to Cologne, as a Thriller-the Topos of the solitary investigator, no one will Believe gives. Except, perhaps, “Schenki”-Schenk as a former colleague. He attests him to be a “bomb COP, a Maverick character”. So, someone with a nose for machinations, his superior on the feet and now the ladle has to swing to teach traffic offenders. Sleepless, disappointed, fresh out of a divorce, obsessed with the traces of tracking, to the nearly hostile appeasement ball on the sinks in despair. Understanding gets to Lawrence only when his sister Mecki (Annette Pohlmann), with whom he lives together. His fatigue calls, as in the case of the commissioners and of the main character in “Damian” two weeks ago, their natural tribute: the clear-sightedness.