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Yes ! It doesn’t happen constantly, but often enough for a Wikipedia page to be devoted to it. This has identified 18 occurrences of two championships in the same season. The most recent occurrence occurred in Tampa, which saw the Lightning (NHL) and the Buccaneers (NFL) triumph at the end of the 2020-2021 season.

We do not have in front of us the detailed agenda of the Habs coaching staff, but we can assume that, like the players, each of them will allow themselves a period of rest. St-Louis, however, warned that he would quickly begin preparations for the next training camp. Probably not full-time, one presumes, but certainly in crescendo as the month of September approaches. Also, the NHL Coaches Association (yes, it does exist!) holds annual draft workshops. St-Louis also hosted a conference last year in Montreal. The event aims to promote the sharing of knowledge between the members of this brotherhood. The next meeting will be in Nashville at the end of June. As a popular destination, we imagine coaches from across the league will find the time to attend.

Let’s take it one step at a time. Teams like the Canadiens can have a maximum of 50 valid NHL contracts. This does not include players drafted in previous years, to which clubs retain rights for a period of time without a contract. NHL contracts can include one or two parts. These components strictly have a salary impact. A one-way deal provides that a player will earn the same salary whether he plays for an NHL team or his American League farm club. Goalkeeper Cayden Primeau, for example, benefited from such a contract this season, but not Alex Belzile. He had a two-part contract. Playing with the CH earned him $750,000; with the Laval Rocket, $275,000. He actually pocketed a more or less middle sum, since he shared the campaign between the NHL and the American League.

The obligation for a player to submit to waivers is independent of the structure of his contract. The criteria are instead based on age at the time of signing their first professional contract and the number of games played in subsequent years. Primeau, again, was exempt from waivers until this season, but will have to submit to it from 2023-2024 if the Habs want to demote him to the minors. An American League contract, finally, does not allow a player to be recalled by the NHL team, unless he concludes a formal agreement with the big club. This is the reason why, in particular, we have never seen goalkeeper Kevin Poulin with the CH, because he is only linked to the Rocket.

According to ETS mechanical engineering professor Eric Wagnac, who is also helping to develop the helmet, production is still ongoing. The researchers are also awaiting a return from the NFL in this case. A more complete update on the situation will come in a few weeks.

The runner’s mitt was introduced by Scott Podsednik in 2008. The Colorado Rockies outfielder was looking for extra protection for his little finger, which he broke in a slip. Great idea, thought his teammates and opponents. Over the years, the mitt has grown to the version we know today. Inside, there are rigid rods, which protect the fingers from strains and metal studs. Hundreds of players wear it. For the moment, the length of the mittens is not regulated.