With three goals in four European matches will be manifest to Hans Vanaken is on this season as “Mr Europe” of the Club. The playmaker wants to be on the brink of a third uefa Champions League campaign is at least as good as the third place from last year. “In every game the goal of the opponent is hurt.”

YOU CAN READ AS WELL. The probable lineup for Club Brugge, “Okereke? I saw all the good things at work – ”

you can READ as WELL. Philippe Clement would not hear of it, but it was right for the Club Brugge in the Champions League (A).

with A goal on his first-ever European match for Lokeren against Hull City, and delivered right away with the victory. But in his first few years at the Club, we had to wait for a European goal for Hans Vanaken. The first uefa Champions League campaign in the under Michel Preud’homme was a disappointment. Up until last season with Ivan Leko and his team to do great things, inspired to – be more realistic – the European top teams. Vanaken has scored in both matches against Monaco and it was one of the founders of the young, handsome, in third place for the restart of the Europa League.

this season, Vanaken with “goals”. Philippe Clement positioned him higher up the pitch, closer to the ball at sixteen. Hans Vanaken has the best last pass in that case, you will need him, as much as possible in that position, was Clements’s declaration, after the first competitiematch. But even more than that assists that makes Vanaken is the difference in goals. Especially with the head he’s this season’s final. In the Champions League qualifier he scored three times in four games.

“I don’t have a real explanation as to why I now have more boxes,” said Hans Vanaken, yesterday, on the side of the coach. “It is, of course, in such a way that you get in European matches can sometimes be more space to make the decisive pass or finish. In Belgium, teams, as Eupen, or Waasland-Beveren is less space for the opponent. Also, Club Brugge picked up on Saturday, with a vijfmansmiddenveld out.

Tonight, the reels spin around. It is The favourite and the Club will try on counter attack to score a goal. “It’s going to be between us and the Club to third place,” said Vanaken. “We are going to defend, and the zero is holding. We have to make the opponent hurt to try to do it. Not only from The matter of fact. In the other five matches.”

More of experience.

“We are already in the system, that is, we, Philippe, Clement, want to play with. As a group we have more experience in the Champions League. Also, for the newcomers, there are a few with the experience at European level. That is, it is found to be positive for the group. Be the first to campaign for Michel Preud’homme can’t the European experience. Last year, it was a whole lot better. It can only be better.”

the Vanaken had hoped because of the injury to Eden Hazard on the speelminuten, with the Red Devils. They were not there. The Champions League seems to be the perfect platform to create value as a global top player has to prove it to you. “But the fact is that I didn’t play for the Red Devils, and has no impact on my motivation for the Champions League,” said Vanaken. “First of all, I have to perform at a Club, then and only then, to decide this, or I would be in the group to come, and if I have any minutes to make. I do nothing to change it. In this respect, there is no change in my motivation.”


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