Summer vacation is fast approaching. They will officially begin on July 7, 2022 for all school zones. The majority of French families will therefore be able to take advantage of the months of July and August to rest on the territory’s best-known beaches or even visit a foreign country. But many French people will not be so lucky. The main reason: money.

Indeed, “63% of families say they do not have sufficient financial resources to have a good holiday”, indicated the National Union of Family Associations as reported by La Tribune.

To avoid this being a brake on your summer holidays, it is possible to try a challenge imagined by the How to save site to save 1,000 euros in eight weeks.

The first step in this method is to follow a specific schedule. Every week, you need to set aside a certain amount of money, as the tips site says:

By following this plan, you will be able to save 520 euros in the space of eight weeks. To reach the goal of 1,000 euros, you just need to take the second step.

In addition to putting a certain amount of money aside, you will have to limit your expenses throughout these eight weeks.

To do this, you must identify your main monthly expenses to get rid of unnecessary purchases.

When you go to the supermarket, for example, remember to buy only what you need. So don’t go shopping hungry or without having made a list beforehand. You can also bet on some wholesale products to save money.

Then, you will have to limit your outings without completely depriving yourself of them, at least for the time to reach your goal. By eliminating a meal in the restaurant and an outing with friends per week, for example, you can save several tens of euros. Multiply this sum by eight and you will easily obtain the 480 euros missing to reach the fateful bar of 1,000 euros.