“Soon” the return of a cult PAF program? This is the question that many Internet users have been asking since Tuesday, March 14. On Instagram, host Cécile de Ménibus shared a photo with Sébastien Cauet, putting his hand on the shoulder of his sidekick.

The famous radio host on NRJ also unveiled the same photo where we see the duo posing in a large screen, where it is written The Cauet Method. An intriguing shot, especially since it was also shared by the C8 channel account! What could imply that the legendary program would return to TNT?

Especially since the amazing publication of the duo Cauet and Cécile Ménibus caused a lot of reaction on Instagram. “Ho the return of Cécile”, “Finally the return of the Cauet method with the beautiful Cécile de Ménibus”, “But no!!! That’s really the good news 2023”, can we read in particular in the messages of the enthusiastic fans. Others less enthusiastic are waiting to see what the return of the talk show to the Canal group channel gives. “Unfortunately you will not have the same freedom because everything shocks now for nothing”, “I think it will never be like before unfortunately”, judge the latter.

Indeed, The Cauet Method was the unmissable event for stars, broadcast from 2003 to 2008 in the second part of the evening on TF1. The famous duo was also accompanied by their band with Miko, Cartman, Jean-Piètre. On set, the team received French and international stars, which generated key moments, sexy sequences and memorable clashes, still viewable on YouTube.

Several years after the end of The Cauet Method, the companion of Nathalie Dartois evoked in 2019, the rumors concerning a probable return of his show to the antenna on C8. “It was not done because The Cauet method was to make a unit. I want to please people so much”, he confided to Jean-Marc Morandini. “We had problems with dates, we had to have big international stars and book it months in advance. We had difficulty refining and over time I moved on to something else”.

Faced with our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs, the fifties slipped indiscretions in The interview without filter. According to the words of Cauet, this adaptation would be “a crazy thing”. Will the program experience the same success as the return of Star Academy (of which a new season is scheduled for 2023), or even the Hit Machine on W9? A little more patience… To be continued.