The Captain of FC Thun back – Hediger was injured is hard after a long battle aufIm February 2019 Dennis Hediger at the knee. He is now aiming for a career as a Trainer.Dominic Wuillemin0 KommentareDas last image of the footballer Dennis Hediger: The Thun Captain is on 10. February 2019 carted off injured in the closing stages of the home game against YB heavy.Photo: Keystone

Perhaps it was bound to happen: Dennis Hediger-defined always on the use and hardness, he dodged any fight. Now, just such completed Years of the career of the 33 -.

In February 2019 it happened in the home match against YB, the final stage of delivery, as the Thun Captain YB-midfielder Djibril Sow harassed, this fell to him on the knee – an Outcry, a handle to the leg. The End.

one and a Half years later Hediger finished the career. He was a model long before Confidence. As he settled in the spring of 2019 for a day during the rehab accompany, he said, he would give himself five more years as a professional. But it is a mid-term in the U-21 in the fall came only when he had to remember not to be able to the Old, because it was already in pain when he increased the use. The cross – and inner band are long since healed, it is the damage in the cartilage that ensures that he can no longer return to the square.

With Hediger, the Bernese Oberland losing the most influential player of the last decade. His importance was so clearly visible as when he was missing. Without his Captain of FC Thun 2019 repeated in 34 League matches, five victories.

New to the tele club operates

But if you think Hediger was down in the dumps, you are wrong. He says he has never experienced as much appreciation as in the last year, of Fans, representatives of other associations, the media. “I’d rather go as if you no longer wish myself back to the gym, because I have enough.”

Hediger receives at the beginning of July a job as coach of the U-15 of FC Thun. His goal is to be someday on a professional level. In addition, he is an expert in the pay-TV broadcaster Teleclub. And in addition, he leads Hediger also together with his wife, Yinny, the company Team and offers Online coaching in the areas of Training and nutrition. He says: “it is Boring to me.”

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