Three months after the introduction of the Baukindergelds have requested 47.741 families in Germany, the power to assist in the acquisition of residential property. The Numbers of applications for aid competent KFW Bankengruppe and the Federal Ministry of transport, the existence of the German press Agency in Berlin. With 10.728 most of the applications came from Westphalia, so far from North-Rhine, followed by 6407 in Baden-Württemberg and 6039 of lower Saxony. Currently, every week about 3000 applications, it said.

The baukinder money, similar to the allowance of the former home, since the 18th century. September be requested. Every year there is a funding volume of around three billion euros – it is one of the biggest new projects of the Grand coalition of the CDU and the SPD, in order to help in the face of rising real estate prices, families to buy a private apartment or a private house. In spite of the great demand, we assume that the volume of funding going to the rich, it said.

money might be tight

a Total of 82.865 children get so far using the Baukindergelds a new home. Most of the families that have submitted an application, have one or two children. The least applications were submitted with 419 in Bremen. In the other city-States of Hamburg and Berlin were provided with 480 and 725 a few applications. Also in the Saarland, the interest with 736 applications is limited.

Should be made in the coming months, a similar number of applications as is currently the case, could it be in the coming year. The money will be distributed according to the “first come, first served”: If the annual funds are exhausted, they are exhausted. The Federal government not to shoot.