as with The western stock markets ended Wednesday, up sharply into the red. The Brussels stock exchange was no exception. In the Bel20 index, which is the evolution of the value of the basket of the main shares to reflect, it ended there less than 2,72 percent to 3.566,up 37 points. Of the twenty titles that have to be taken into account in the calculation of the indicator were collectively underwater.

The fall was the stock markets was on Tuesday docked, as it is WITH disappointing figures from its surveys of purchasing director of a major U.s. companies have announced. The index of the institute for the sentiment in the manufacturing sector, displays, fell to its lowest level in more than a decade. Investors fear that a recession is at hand.

In Brussels, which led to a loss of more than 3 percent for eight of the twenty shares in the Bel20 index. The biggest dagverliezen had this to Ontex (- 5,70%, to ‘ stake 15.05 euro), UCB (- 4,13 percent 63,20 euros), ING bank (- 3,69%, to 9,11 eur) and Aperam (- 3,42% to 21,19 million). Proximus was the damage to the minimum. The telecomtitel held on with a penalty from 0.37 per cent and slotnotering of 27,29 euro.

In the second row and dropped down to Mithra 11,72% to 26,82€. KBC Securities has reduced its price target for the stock from € 33 to 31 euros, and it was his kooplijst. A second reading of the agreement was that the work the company by Mayne Pharma’s big tournament is expected to be.

Earnings for the small values of, so that you can, Dexia (+ 6,75%, to eur 2.53 euro), Keyware (+ 2,33% to 0.88 euro). Immobel continued to increase 0,60% to 66,80€. The real estate promoter will be 75 million euros in fresh funds via the sale of a bond to private sector investors. The effects have a duration of 7.5 years and carry interest at the rate of 3 per cent of gross. The offer price amounted to 101,875 per cent, so that the actuarial rate of interest comes out at 2,722 percent of the gross.

Red day of trading on the European stock markets

the other European markets are on Wednesday is firmly in the negative), and due to the fear of investors before the global recession. The Netherlands AEX index closed 2.8 percent lower at 558,01 points. The stock exchanges in Paris and Frankfurt’s loss to 3.1 percent, the German Dax index fell below the symbolic threshold of 12,000 points. The FTSE in London fell by 3.2 percent, will be lost.

fears of a recession grow. So, got on Tuesday is already known that the level of activity in the industry in the United States of america, in september, considerably weaker, while the world trade organization on Wednesday to the united states, the authorization for customs duties on Eu products. In hong Kong, the retail sector is also poor, while the various research institutes and the expectations of the German growth rate downward, bijstelden. And it is continuing handelsconflict between China and the united states have an impact on the negative mood on the stock market.
More about the Bel20 index on Friday was the worst day of the year, and that is the fault of the Home to the Worst beursmaand in ten years: how the president of Home investors ‘ and the daver might have been hunting thanks to a tweet from Trump: the Chinese stock markets collapse, is also Bel20 index was in the red, Why the big boss man, 46 times more than his employees