Brussels –

The Atomium in Brussels, dinsdagvoormiddag its 8 millionth visitor will receive a since its refurbishment in 2006. The lucky visitor was Debbie, Bucknall in the Uk.

in A surprise, it was, as Debbie and Bucknall, had, during her visit to Belgium, the Atomium in brussels is not expected to be so honored, it would be. As the 8 millionth visitor, became, she, along with her sister and brother-in-law are first treated to a flute of champagne. Subsequently, she was given a personal tour of the landmark, and they also came with a goodie bag stuffed with a lot of souvenirs back home.

In the two spheres of the Atomium, is also in the exhibition “Bruegel the elder, ‘a poetic experience’. There, the visitors and the paintings, the personality of Peter Bruegel the elder, in an innovative and interactive way to discover it. The exhibition is part of the celebration of the 450ste the anniversary of the death of the Belgian master.