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Crews of Galicia and Portugal will be fought tomorrow, Friday, in the waters of the Atlantic to try to win the race more exciting and complicated than the sailing in galicia, the climb to the Carrumeiro Boy, a journey of nearly 100 miles away, framed in the 45th Conde de Gondomar, who organizes one year more the Monte Real Club de Yates.

a Few low-there are in Galicia as well-known as the Carrumeiro, a stone considered for many years one of the biggest dangers for the navigation of the galician rías. Right in the centre of the entrance channel to the estuary of Corcubión, and without mark up to 1863, this rock, which just protrudes above the surface, she starred in numerous shipwrecks throughout history.

With the aim of trying to avoid them is placed over it first, a buoy bell, then a tripod metal 5 metres and then a buoy is conical, but the storms were sweeping down these systems one by one, until in 1917 it was built on the rock, a massive tower of concrete 10 meters of height that remains intact since then.

Are those low and that tower that you should turn the adventurous sailors who this year have registered to try to complete the challenge of the Carrumeiro Boy, a race is complicated not only by the distance, next to the 100 miles, but because it involves navigating among low-rocos for many hours and hours day and night.

Among the eight crews that will participate in the test is the one that leads owner and pattern Portuguese Rui Ramada, which takes part in the competition since 1988 with different equipment and on-board of up to 5 different boats.

In the latest edition of the Conde de Gondomar, with the Yess Too (a Swan 45), were the winners, beating also on the rise in the Carrumeiro, it beat both in real time and in compensated. Went out at 11 in the morning in Baiona with the whole fleet, viraron the lighthouse of the estuary of Corcubión on the edge of the 7 of the afternoon and reached the arrival in the 4 and a half in the morning. Used 17 hours and 36 minutes to complete the 95,43 miles of travel.

Rui Ramada achieved the victory in the great trial of the Count of Gondomar but stayed more than 5 hours of breaking the record of the Carrumeiro Boy, who has held since 2011, Cenor & Dietrich (a Farr 50), with Martín Bermúdez de la Puente to the front, he managed to complete the race in 11 hours, 56 minutes and 57 seconds.

Another of the ships that will be sailing to the Carrumeiro will be the Oils in April, the brothers Luis and Jorge Pérez Canal, with Pablo Iglesias of tactical. The ourensanos, wearing grímpola of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, to try to achieve his fifth victory in the Conde de Gondomar.

The nautical vigo is the most representation will have on the test of long distance, because, in addition to Oils April also will compete in the Heave 8, José Luis Freire, skippered by Luis Bugallo; and the Magical July Rodríguez, Gonzalo Araujo in charge of the tactical part.

By the Monte Real Club de Yates, in addition to the Yess Too, also hopes to win the Marias, led by another Portuguese, Manuel Maria Cunha.

The Real Club Náutico de Portosín will be represented by Arroutado, of José Manuel Pérez, which shall be accompanied by Javier de la Gándara. The sailor from vigo, after years of racing at the Conde de Gondomar aboard the J80 Okofen, returns to the navigation of long-distance with the sonenses.

The Bon III, of the marina of Punta Lagoa, another of the regulars on the climb of the Carrumeiro Boy, will be led by Victor Carrion, and will take on board Ana Sardiña, one of the few women registered for this race along with Vanesa Martinez, the Marara IV, of the Club Marítimo Rías Baixas, which patroneará once more Javier Montenegro.

This year, after leaving Bayonne at 11 in the morning, the forecast is that the boats begin to cross the finish line well into the night, after more than 12 hours of uninterrupted browsing. Your tour you will be able to see from the numerous sandy beaches of the Rías Baixas and also follow it live via the website of the Monte Real Club de Yates, who will transmit the position of vessels throughout the tour. It will be a one day regatta, typically the summer, with sun and heat, but also with good wind for sailing.