Royals Fans Show Increased Support Amid Team’s Success

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The atmosphere at Kauffman Stadium has been electrifying with the Royals’ recent success on the field. With 100 games left in the season, the team has been thriving, as indicated by the latest statistics provided by the organization.

Television ratings have surged by 19 percent, ranking the team in the top 10 in baseball. Streaming numbers have tripled, postgame radio shows have doubled, and team store sales have increased by 18 percent. Additionally, attendance has seen a 13 percent rise following a series over the weekend.

MVP candidate Bobby Witt Jr. expressed his excitement about the overwhelming support from fans, with many shouting “the Boys are playing some ball” around the city, including the Plaza.

Witt’s sentiments were echoed by other Royals players, such as starting pitcher Alec Marsh and second baseman Nick Loftin, who all share the goal of bringing a World Series title back to the city.

The “the Boys are playing some ball” mantra, popularized by Witt, has gained traction on social media, further fueling the team’s success. Royals’ social media manager Kyle Reeves and coordinator Grace Erickson played a significant role in promoting the slogan both on and off the field.

The hashtag #tbapsb, initially a lengthy phrase, was creatively shortened by Reeves and Erickson, eventually becoming a signature catchphrase associated with the team. Whenever Witt makes an appearance, fans can expect to hear the phrase uttered.

Despite the competitive nature of the sport, the players maintain a lighthearted camaraderie, with Erickson describing them as jokesters and best friends. The team’s positive energy and winning spirit have created a dynamic that they hope to sustain throughout the season.

The Royals’ rising popularity and the unwavering support from fans indicate a promising future for the team as they continue to strive for success on the field.