The Bohemian man goes before the Supreme court: What is allowed to Erdogan?


    the dispute over The “abusive criticism” was the title of the poem, which was dedicated to ZDF-moderator Jan böhmermann in his show “Neo magazine Royale,” the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, continues. He had not lodged a complaint and the Federal court of justice, said böhm’s lawyer Christian Schertz the Evangelical press service. Czech man was failed in may of last year, with the appeal against the decision of the regional court of Hamburg before the Hanseatic higher regional court. Similarly, the application of Erdogan was at that time rejected the poem completely prohibit it. But it is said the Bohemian man, to repeat, eight in ten of the 24 rows of the Erdogan-poem. The Revision was not admitted to the higher regional court (Az.: 7 U 34/17).

    “The Senate considers that it is doubtful that the impugned contribution is to be classified as art in the sense of the basic law”, had declared the court of appeal. There is a lack of the necessary “added height”: “Satire can’t be art, it must you but”. The district court had previously found that it was in the case of böhm’s lines of serious violations of personality rights, does not need to accept Erdogan (Az.: 324 O 402/16). The verses included “severe Reductions with reference to Intimate and Sexual,” for which “there is in the Person or behaviour” Erdogan’s “no actual evidence”. It was “abuse”. Bohemian man had the poem on the 31. March 2016 made in his ZDF-Show. Preceded by, he had a statement he wanted to so illustrate the difference between allowable Satire, and in Germany banned abusive criticism.