scuba Divers have a Tuesday afternoon and the body was found, the 25-year-old mother Monday night and her three children aged 3, 4 and 6 years old, tried to drown him in a pond of water in the Louise Mariepark in the Names.

on Monday, around 19 o’clock, heard the two young children cry out for help. The two took a closer look at the pond in the park. “There was a child that is dead in the water, seemed to be together with a woman with a child in her arms. A third child was on the shore,” said Charlotte Fosseur of the public prosecutor’s office.

One of the two witnesses dove into the water for the first child to help out. After that, he is the second child for the mother to take with them. The woman would have refused to go to the bank to return to.

A passer-by and brought a heart out of one of the children. Afterwards it took the emergency services about it.

The three children are not in danger of death.

The woman was on Monday, and despite a major search operation, has not been found. Tuesday, divers, and her body was found in the water.

The 25-year-old woman in Jodoigne (Waals-Brabant) was at home-leave a note of explanation for her desperate act.

Anyone with questions about suicide, it may, if desired, anonymous contact with the Zelfmoordlijn via the toll-free number to 1813, or