Michelin has, for the twelfth year in a row, the culinary inspectors are sent out to search for nice places, where you get a three-course food for a maximum of 39 euro. The focus of the new guide is located on the local delicacies of the area. A list of highly recommended restaurants.

In our country eighteen new homes will be added to the guide. It is noteworthy that the Belgian cuisine is becoming more and more reverting to the traditional French cuisine as well as food from our own soil. The renowned Vino Vino Names, for example, they bistroklassiekers is of paramount importance. Still a couple of places below the new ones, which you can find on the following card: La Table St Giles, l’Amitié Antwerp Four Hands in europe.

with The growing importance of the products of its own soil, it is a distinct trend in this new edition of the Bib Gourmand. “Fruit and local produce is becoming more and more important,” said Werner Loens, selectiedirecteur of the Michelin guide for the Benelux, in a press release. “The chefs want to do their part for the environment. That makes for a good dynamic range. It fosters their creativity. Add to that the many of the international influences on it, and you will have an exciting range of new Bib Gourmands.”

for example, If there is one international cuisine is filtering through from the Belgium to new entrants than it is to Asian. The tour guide is enthusiastic about the new Car ” Bon Ixelles Station 3 in Kraainem. (Read more below the map).

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in the Netherlands, and Luxembourg

the new guide will continue to be seventeen european restaurants, such as the Trees to Be Plantation 87 in Oude Wetering, where the vegetables are in the lead role. In the Grand-duchy of Luxembourg, two , additional restaurants, awarded with a Bib Gourmand. It’s going to be a Two-6-Two in Strassen, that is, the inspectors could be tempted with an international flavour and technical skill. Atelier Windsor of Luxembourg is the place to be for fans of the French chef, Auguste Escoffier.

The Bib Gourmand Benelux countries by 2020 in our country, from 22 november to sell for 17,95€.