The best snow and cold jokes


Big cold alert on the web! For several days, a huge cold wave has been sweeping over a major part of France. If these negative and winter temperatures paralyze certain regions, it is also an opportunity for the French to enjoy the joys of the snow.

Snowball fights, toboggan races, skiing sessions in the mountains or in town (watch out for the ice): all means are good to clear your mind. Watch out for the fall, it could hurt this winter!

However, this polar cold does not seem to have affected the humor of Internet users, always ready to have fun in every situation. Between the unusual photomontages, the ribald humor and the funny anecdotes, a huge wave of laughter seems to be breaking on social networks.

Need a good dose of laughter to warm up your zygomatics? Planet reveals an anthology of the best jokes about snow and cold, to discover in the slideshow above.