This is the new face of entertainment on M6. Marie Portolano is in charge of season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef broadcast since September 2022. For the second year in a row, she hosts the famous pastry competition alongside the historic jurors Mercotte and Cyril Lignac.

Since his arrival in The Best Pastry Chef in 2021, the former Canal journalist has found his place alongside the two members of the jury. “She’s a great girl who is natural and loves people,” the octogenarian blogger told us last year, detailing the qualities of the host. “She is full of humor, she is natural and funny. With Cyril, we adopted her at first sight”.

Welcomed with kindness by her two comrades, it was another star who won the heart of Marie Portolano. In 2017, she formalized her relationship with comedian Grégoire Ludig. Famous half of the Palmashow, their meeting would have taken place in 2013 in the corridors of Beinsport where she worked. In a portrait drawn up by Release, we learn that the two personalities were already respectively in couple.

In June 2019, Marie Portolano revealed a wedding photo on her Instagram page, suggesting that the couple united in a private ceremony. Discreet about their life as a couple, the journalist had released some confidences about his notoriety. “I forget he’s famous. When there was covid, he wore a mask, like everyone on the street. I didn’t realize that no one recognized him. It’s when we was able to take the mask off in the street that I remembered that actually he was famous. That’s when people started hoarding him on the street again,” she said. entrusted to Femmes de télé, the Télé-Loisirs podcast. “I’m lucky to have a famous husband who isn’t self-centered, so it’s very nice.”

Mother of a boy named James, born from a previous union in 2014, Marie Portolano is preparing to welcome her second child, the first for her husband Grégoire Ludig. A pregnancy exposed in front of the cameras in Meilleur Pâtissier, but which it nevertheless preserves from the media and social networks.

Flagship face of the Best Pastry Chef for more than 10 years, Mercotte has gained popularity with viewers. Before making a career on television and on the Internet as a food blogger, Jacqueline Mercorelli (her real name) took her nickname from her husband André-Jean Mercorelli.

“It goes back to the very beginning of my marriage,” she confided in the pages of Paris Match in 2015. “All my husband’s friends simply called him ‘Merco’, and since we were racing cars and I was a co-pilot, Mercotte’s pseudonym came about quite naturally. It’s quite simply the feminine form of Merco. And in the end, I love Jacqueline, more than my first name, which isn’t terrible. Mercotte, that suits me very well. good”.

From their meeting on a tennis court to car rallies, it’s a story that has lasted nearly 60 years between the stove expert and the skydiver turned pilot. The opportunity for Mercotte to share her passion with her husband and their large family. “My husband is of Italian origin, so apart from the pasta …!”, she laughs with Gala. “He is gourmet but not gourmet. My children and grandchildren, on the other hand, I have always used them to go to starred restaurants. I have ten grandchildren and those aged 26, 24, 21 and 20, n ‘have only starred, and not just anyone! They really know what it’s like to eat well”.

More discreet than his two accomplices, Cyril Lignac has had several media relations and known to the general public. After having shared the life of Laurence Mentil and Sophie Marceau, the chef is currently in a relationship with his fiancée Déborah, manager of a jewelry store, according to our colleagues from Ciné Télé Revue.

Living their romance for more than three years in the south of France, Cyril Lignac and his companion became parents of a boy, born last June in Paris, as revealed Here. A few months later, the magazine revealed that the name of the infant, namely Leo. A new life as a dad for the famous juror of the Best Pastry Chef while Déborah is already the mother of three daughters.