the Belgians will want the government to be more invested in wind mills in the sea, is a priority for the development of renewable energy sources and, in general, have more courage, and a long-term view in implementing the climate issue. That is, are to a large extent the results of the online volksbevraging on the country’s klimaatplannen, which is used by more than 60,000 people, has been completed.

in All EU member states were required by the European Commission, the national draft submission setting out how the targets of the 2030 at the same time want to be able to. However, and the Belgian plan, drawn up by the federal and state governments – lap deficit, the Commission found.

in Europe, and asked the member states to the general public in the planning process. Our country is organized in an online survey. From the 4th of June, could the Belgians have six weeks to volksbevraging to participate in. More than 60,000 people were doing it, too, of whom more than three-quarters of the Dutch.

to An external agency for which results are currently being analysed. It is demonstrated that the survey provided, the initiative of the government is to be expected in the development of renewable sources of energy. That should be a priority, say, 9 out of 10 of them. As many of the respondents believe that there will be more investments in wind turbines in the sea, and that there was no public transportation and the bike is tax-advantageous for commuting to and from work than in the car. Two-thirds of which latter, also, it is necessary to apply for use in electric vehicles and other cars with low emissions. Finally, it is 60% politics, in general, have more courage, and a long-term view of the need to apply in the climate issue.

“A clear signal”, refers to resigning the federal Energy minister Marie-Christine Marghem to the survey. “Almost 60 per cent of the respondents are asking us for courage and a long-term vision.”

for More on Wind energy is Such a huge amount of wind turbines stand up for our coast”, And there will still be hundreds of with” the Colruyt group allows citizens to participate in the wind farm to Belgian army to make room for the additional wind turbines Tommelein, “No windmills in Flanders, without the involvement of locals”