63 billion. So great is the power that the Belgians have foreign accounts already. This is stated in a European report on preventing tax avoidance and that The Default could be to refer to it. The figures refer to the year 2016. It’s not going to have businesses and individuals who have their money in foreign countries, have made use of.

And the 63 billion euros, corresponds to 14% of the Belgian gross domestic product (gdp). Having foreign accounts is not illegal, according to the authors of the report, but that “the illegal practices of tax evasion and continue to be the main reason”.

now That foreign capital has a strong impact on the revenue of the country, according to the report, went to Belgium there was as much as 2 billion euros of tax revenue with miss by 2016. Between the years 2004 and 2016, and was, on average, to 2.6 billion euros in lost tax each year. Belgium is on the sixth place in Europe. Only five other EU-countries, relative to gdp, even higher taxes is wrong.

Belgium’s scores are often the poor in these rankings, and find a tax expert Michel Maus on it. According to him, our country and, especially, of the causes of tax avoidance and evasion to address it, including the tax rate. “And, in particular, the unequal distribution of it,” he said. “Otherwise, people will remain in their foert -reaction, to keep, and they will be in the wrong fiscal path will go.”