in Our country, must pay interest as the money will be borrowed. The Belgian ten-year yield on Thursday, for the first time since July, again above the zero per cent increase. This is attested to by the Agency of the public Debt. “Even if the conditions are extremely unfavourable”, says the treasury.

In July, the Belgian ten-year yield for the first time ever, sub-zero, so that the state money was given to him. At a certain moment in time dropped, and our ten-year yield to the -0,38 percent of the time. Handelsoorlogen, and the more lenient monetary policy of the European Central Bank, were investors to flee to safe havens such as government bonds.

in a Thursday, this will put an end to come. The Belgian long-term interest rate has been increased to 0.01%. “However, to continue to be very favourable financing conditions,” says Jean Deboutte, director of the belgian Debt Agency. In response to the increase in renewed optimism over a possible end to our era: the non. “It’s very negative sentiment, it is the past,” explains Vista, from.

Back to normal

as With the positive interest rates, we are once again in a normal situation. The negative interest rates meant that buyers have disappeared from the market. “In the end, however, you must be someone who is, that government wants to buy,” said Vista.

in addition, the interest rate on the loans is less than ten years old, however, is still negative. And if, in Belgium, to lend, on in fifty years from now, we will pay only a per cent rate of interest.

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