At the world cup gymnastics in Stuttgart, germany to try the Belgian turndames selection for the Olympic Games, the trials. They have among the best 12 countries to end up. The first day they were in fifth place shut down. That is, they are competitors, as Ukraine, italy, Australia, Korea and Romania were knocked off and offered all of the perspectives, however, the top performers, as well as their immediate competitors are needed on Saturday to the mat. The united Kingdom and Italy cease to be our landgenotes all over.

SEE ALSO: . Nina Derwael, and the Belgian gymnastes continue to be slightly below expectations, and are going to be anxious for hours, to meet at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS artistic gymnastics: “Wait and see”).

as a Coach, and Marjorie Heuls had previously estimated that a total of 162 would be enough for twelfth place, and is, therefore, a ticket to Tokyo, japan. The first three numbers of floor, and sprang up, and side of the performance, Nina Derwael and co are very good, but the ever-treacherous bar, there were a couple of flaws made it. This ended up in Belgium on a score of 161,238 points, which is just below the intended target.

What was expected, it was well to be the truth. In belgium, it would still be an all-day nagelbijtend have to spend time looking at how competitors, that it could be improved. Great Britain is much too strong it was, not surprisingly, that in Italy is higher ranked, however, there was a click. So fell in Belgium, from 5 to 7. Tokyo 2020 or not? It will be close, but no one could have expected.

Great Britain, this is Elissa Downie, was too strong. Photo: AP