the Belgian’s car on Saturday night may be fired upon in the village of Groningen. The police is doing investigation after a report of a shooting incident. As the owner of the car, tax return came in, it turned out that he was still in jail, to be open. The best in the Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant (PZC).

finally, at Around 22.45 hours, the thirty years ‘ man, and that his car had been shot in the city of Terneuzen. He had to leave then to go to the Rozenpark, where he verblef. Then came the police, en masse, to the scene. The surrounding area was removed, the Haarmanweg, in which the vehicle may be fired upon, was cordoned off to traffic.

the Agents were investigating the vehicle. She noted that a pane of glass was, but there was no evidence of any damage. The police officers were unable to determine that the vehicle is actually being shot it was. The vehicle, therefore, to be seized for further investigation.

the solitary confinement to be open:

The man was reported to the police. On the desk, it turned out that he was still in jail, and had to be open. He was arrested and taken to the gevangens. In the house of the Rozenpark, where the man was living, police found equipment for growing cannabis. Also, met with agents, 78 grams of cannabis.