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the Baron Bauduin Van Aerssen Beyeren (71) is Tongeren, court, prosecution for membership of a criminal organisation, embezzlement and money laundering. The man must be at the beginning of next year, and for the court to answer for the years and years of duperen to more than 200 investors for a total amount of more than two million euros. Along with the other key player in in Bruges is the risk that he, in theory, a long prison sentence.

that Baron Van Aerssen Beyeren, was formerly the managing director of the company, for Example, Development. He could, at that time, a group of wealthy Dutch people are convinced to invest in a company that is trading in products offered. He and his investors are mostly wealthy industrialists, to believe that they are a profit center, fifty per cent of their investment could make. The investors were well over 500,000 euros in a Swiss bank account. “They were promised that their money not going out. But in the end it is the money of the investors, then the benefit of the baron, and the other leading figures, ” says a source close to the investigation.

The money would be used in the future for those later commissions to pay out, or invest in a real estate firm and dancing. According to the Tongeren prosecutor, would be the investor, but less than sixty million euro is lost. The victims, meanwhile, about 250 people came together as a civil party. The baron is the risk, in theory, along with the other key player in in Bruges, is a long prison sentence.

The trial will start in march, by the year 2020. The baron, it was during the research for a while on the run, but was later detained in the prison. In the meantime, all accused of a crime, return a free man in pre-trial. The baron and the other as a key player in Bruges at risk, in theory, a long prison sentence.