The Brussels-based start-up Kantify, and the ULB-laboratory of artificial intelligence (Iridia) at the first time, a model for the prediction of the voorkamerfibrilleren, a heart rhythm problem wherein the atria (atria) of the heart may no longer function as a normal muscle contraction, and the second disease in the world. That tells L’echo on Wednesday.

Kantify, and the free university of BRUSSELS, made the discovery and announced that, after a year of research, and that it was with great interest to be received by cardiologists. “We have been in the first team for a single episode of atrial fibrillation in patients predicted. That clears the way for new treatment protocols,” says Hugues Bersini, the director of the Iridia.

The scientists were able to make it in the 30 seconds prior to the fibrillation, that is, to predict, with an accuracy of more than 80 percent of the time.

The next step in the search for an industrial partner, and the strengthening of the links with the medical profession. “We are still in the stage of prediction. We need to make sure that this is prevention, to be specific, patients to help,” says Ségolène Martin, CEO of the Kantify, who emphasized that the algorithm is “a world of service”.