The behavior of Donald Trump is irresponsible, almost criminal


Coronavirus in China, “The behavior of Donald Trump is irresponsible, almost criminal”for Many Chinese people take it personally when their government is criticised. The Communist party would benefit, says the intellectual, Kaiser Kuo.Simon Widmer46 Kommentare46″people take it personally, when in the West, the Chinese government is criticized.”Kaiser Kuo/PD

says The Chinese Regime, it will have the Coronavirus in the handle. Is that true?

It is virtually impossible to check the. I have big reservations about the Report, according to which there had been no new infections. However, it is conversely hard to imagine that there are thousands of new cases are concealed by the Regime. China has initially made a lot of wrong. Take the Secrecy, the cover-up, the Ruifeng capture of Li, the doctor from Wuhan, who warned early. But in the past few weeks, the Chinese authorities have responded quite admirably.

After the death of the doctor Li Ruifeng unusual, many protested in the social media. What has become of it?

The Regime has suppressed these protests, at the time, less than you could expect. It was clearly a decision from the top, to allow the people, their displeasure known. The leadership knew that this would not lead to protests on the streets. Later, the Communist party’s censorship, but, again, massively high. In the last week were criticised in a report by the local authorities in the Wuhan sharp, because they had taken Li Ruifeng fixed and have him sign the letter with a lid, in which he accused himself. This is encouraging, but of course, this is also a reaction that is not enough and comes too late.

is The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, was early informed about the Coronavirus, took still a long time. Why he is not in the centre of the criticism?

The Chinese population doesn’t trust the local authorities more than the government in Beijing. For a lot of criticism of the Chinese leadership also means criticism of China as a country. People take it personally, when in the West, the government is criticized. Of the Communist party of benefits of course. Ironically, it is this: The more critical the West is expressed to Xi Jinping or the Communist party, the more the population will condemn this criticism. So in the way: “I my parents may criticize, but you can’t do this.”

In the West, many hoped that because of the crisis in Wuhan, China’s “Chernobyl Moment” had come, would sweep away the Regime.

There’s a lot of wishful thinking and Schadenfreude in the process. As if we wanted to convince us in the West that such a thing can only happen in an authoritarian state like China. Of course, the Coronavirus has overthrown the Chinese Regime is in a crisis. But it is not the first and not the worst crisis in its history. Many China observers have fixed very early on, the question is, what is the role of China’s form of government is playing in addressing the crisis. And at a time when it was already clear that the crisis will not spare Europe and America.

The Chinese are absolutely astounded that in Europe people wear protective masks.”

Kaiser Kuo

It is, however, entitled to ask whether an authoritarian Regime with a crisis of this kind can handle.

we Make a thought experiment: A Pilot struggles to control his plane. In the Cockpit, he reads a report that be exactly the type of aircraft has mechanical problems. In this Situation, it would be completely idiotic, the fault of the aircraft manufacturer to reflect. He must use all of his energy to bring the plane safely to the ground. This is also true in the current crisis: of Course we need to clarify the question of fault. But I doubt that now is the right time for it.

The Chinese Regime has been spreading rumours that the Virus had been introduced from the USA. The population believes in such conspiracy theories?

The originator of this rumor is Zhao Lijian, spokesman for the Chinese foreign Ministry. He is in China, a celebrity, because he speaks on social media are always very open. I’m not sure if Xi Jinping with his statements agreed. At least the Chinese Ambassador has rejected in the USA after the statement of Lijian.

And what do people in China say to the statements made by Zhao Lijian?

Some do not believe such conspiracy theories, a lot of them do. In any case, there is for many Chinese a strong incentive to want such theories to believe.

you have to explain.

Many Chinese feel that the West will place you in a bad light. Because from their point of view, a lot of Condescending from the West was a lot of debate about the failures of the regime. On the other hand, reported little on the human suffering and the heroic Efforts done by many employees in the Chinese healthcare system. I’m not saying that I gutheisse. I also find that many Western journalists have done an excellent job. But to assign blame is a natural and human reaction of many Chinese, who see how the world is cold to the Suffering looked.

How China uses technology to contain the Virus?

The most important tool for Contact Tracing. The Chinese authorities to create motion profiles, to infection, to trace chains back. It helps, of course, in China, everywhere, surveillance cameras are positioned. So is it possible to find out with whom the infected individuals have taken.

A model for the West?

I’m not sure that in the West, a Orwellian surveillance system to be introduced. I’m afraid that China will use the threat posed by the Coronavirus, in order to justify greater surveillance measures. This can very quickly go too far. And I think that we should be straight in this difficult time, with far-reaching monitoring measures to be very careful.

The Coronavirus is very likely from a wild animal market in Wuhan. Be closed these markets in China now?

I think That’s very likely. The Chinese authorities to openly discuss about it to close these markets and the trade in wild animals to prevent.

Will trigger the protests in the population?

no, these markets are also in China in the criticism. It is only a tiny minority of the Chinese who eats things that would refer to people from the West as exotic or strange. Most of my Chinese friends, for example, would never eat in the living dog, cat or Armadillo. Many fight back but decided against statements in the style of: “Yuck, all this Chinese food all the time funny stuff.” Because it is simply not true.

How does the Chinese population on the current Situation in Europe?

The widespread opinion is that the governments in Europe to act to on the fence.

Is expected to be in China that in Europe all the people with masks running around?

sure. The Chinese are completely baffled about the fact that the Europeans do not wear masks. It is well known that many people infect others before they have symptoms. With a protective mask, the risk of contagion is reduced. Similarly, the risk to be on the nose or the mouth.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks not from the Coronavirus, but by the “China virus”. What do you think?

I think it’s very irresponsible, almost criminal. The number of cases in which Chinese in the USA, insulted or even beaten up, is greatly increased. This is also true for people from other East Asian countries. People do not ask whether it is Chinese, before you start with the insults.

do you See anything Positive that could arise from this crisis?

no. One might expect, for example, that the countries are working increasingly together. When it came time to fight the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, there was a close exchange between Chinese and American experts. Of which nothing is now to be seen.

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