The electric car Tesla model S is once again the first list of projects of the Federal government. The previously funded basic model could no longer be ordered, justified, the Federal office of Economics and export control on Wednesday in Eschborn in the decision.

Only the S base model with the smaller battery capacity of 75 kilowatt-hours filled with a list price of 60,000 euros, the conditions for the promotion with 4000 euros, which was paid half by the state and by the manufacturer.

No eligible Tesla more

The base model of Tesla on Monday. According to the newspaper, “Vehicle operating” costs of the electric car in a more powerful Version so that now, in this country at least 109.400 Euro.

In the list of eligible cars is not a model of the American electro pioneer is currently more. A promotion can get, who, up to and including 14. January has concluded a contract for the purchase of the base model. The acfa had not deleted the Tesla S for a good two months of the list, because the basic version was available. The manufacturer had sued, unsuccessfully.