The Arbitrator were tense, as on 1. Round


Because of the spirit of play – The referees were “tense,” as on 1. Round of The first Bundesliga games, to the Corona-break, the Top referee in front of unfamiliar challenges. If in the video the basement or in the almost empty stadiums: The referees have to adapt to new circumstances.0 comment Dortmund Haaland hits as the first player, after the Lockdown.

Even in the secluded Cologne, the cellar was a lot of things differently. The Video-referee, the football League could only record a short time before the kick-off of their work, and with the final whistle of the first games after the Corona break, she had to leave the room again. The mood in the video, the basement had been “tense,” told the German Top Referee Marco Fritz: “to compare The was with a first round. The Routine was missing, because the Situation for us was all new territory.” Also, for the Impartial in the nearly empty stadium, it was unusual. “It was a different kind of challenging,” said Deniz Aytekin the “Kicker”.

Aytekin had refereed on Saturday the 4:0-victory of Borussia Dortmund in the Revier Derby against FC Schalke 04. In terms of the direction of the normally explosive duel, the 41-Year-old, no big Changes. “Certainly, there was situations on the lawn that would become with viewers more hectic. But generally, the game has not been less intense,” he said.

referee Deniz Aytekin whistled the Revier Derby. “It was a different kind of challenging,” said the 41-Year-old.Martin Meissner/

in contrast, the professionals of Hertha BSC, the BVB players were to their gates by the DFL recommended cheers pads. But even if Erling Haaland and co. would have fallen around the neck, would have Aytekin had no possibility of Sanctions.

No penalty due to the proximity of the cheers

“The recommendation to keep a distance and avoid physical contact, not only in the Hygiene recommendations of the DFL, it is part of the rules,” said referee training Lutz Wagner were the “Kicker”. “That’s why there can be no personal penalties for the players. The referee can only be preventive and the players point to their own responsibility.”

in particular, some Hertha player had the 3:0 victory at 1899 Hoffenheim, not cheering other than recommended without close physical contact. Other professionals clapped, however, not more than with the poor.

fast at home

The video cellar in Cologne, Germany from delivery of the work without physical contact. The individual work stations were separated from each other using Plexiglas panes from each other. “We were allowed to enter the building only with a mask and had to disinfect us before it went to the workplace,” said Fritz, who had been watching the match between FC Augsburg and VfL Wolfsburg (1:2). Unlike a video technician (instead of two) to him and his Video assistant, Marcel Pelgrim to the side. But the new procedures also had Years of a positive effect for the 42.

Since he had to leave the video cellar directly after the end of the Game, he was faster back in his place of residence in the vicinity of Stuttgart. Nevertheless, he wishes “that the football may be played with spectators”.


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