Rediscovering Classic Gaming with the Anbernic RG Cube

Gaming has evolved to primarily take place on widescreens, but the Anbernic RG Cube is here to bring back the nostalgia of classic aspect ratios. While many devices still target early ‘90s emulation with square screens, Anbernic’s latest handheld combines controls similar to the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally with a 1:1 display. This unique combination not only appeals to retro purists but also offers a fantastic way to play Nintendo DS games.

The RG Cube’s square screen is a refreshing change in a world dominated by wide aspect ratios. While apps like Tiktok are pushing for vertical content, the gaming industry still leans towards widescreens. For those who appreciate the nostalgia of classic gaming, the RG Cube provides a compact and unique gaming experience reminiscent of CRT monitors.

The handheld’s design is complemented by Hall Effect joysticks and triggers, offering controls on par with top PC controllers. With features like a six-axis gyroscope sensor and video output via USB-C, the RG Cube stands out as a premium handheld gaming device. While other inexpensive Game Boy-style handhelds exist, the RG Cube’s combination of retro charm and modern features sets it apart.

If you’re considering a Steam Deck or Asus ROG Ally for retro gaming, the Anbernic RG Cube could be a more cost-effective option. Priced at $159.99, it caters to players interested in emulating DS/3DS games or retro enthusiasts looking to experience classic games on a square display. The 1:1 screen ratio offers flexibility for playing arcade roms and classic games at native resolution, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Beyond its functionality, the RG Cube’s unique design adds a touch of charm. Resembling a console from an anime series, its compact and quirky appearance sets it apart from traditional gaming devices. The RG Cube offers a glimpse into an alternate gaming universe where square screens reign supreme.

Whether you’re a retro gaming enthusiast or simply looking for a unique handheld gaming experience, the Anbernic RG Cube offers a blend of nostalgia and modern features. Embrace classic gaming with a twist and rediscover the joy of playing on a square screen.


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