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An attack of a radical to the Bullfighting of Pablo Iglesias has outraged fans and professionals in the bullfighting arena. He had already said similar things but this time it has been in the Senate and as vice-president of the Government. At the same time, the bullfighters, they denounce the discrimination from the Government to deny them unemployment benefits, granted to other artists. Once more, I have taken the hair in a way unfortunate, abusing his good faith.

1. Or name them

At present the aid to the artists, the Culture minister did not even mention Bullfighting. It was not a slip of the oral, but something deliberate: in the Royal Decree also does not appear that word. Can there be a greater contempt? It is the professionals in the bullfighting arena like a plague victims or lepers , in his lazaretto, they don’t deserve to even be mentioned: it is logical that the officer who receives your application is denied. For the Ministry of Culture, the bulls do not exist.

2. Causes

The Government comes to the toreros for several reasons: 1/ Because you don’t have enough money. 2/ Because, prisoner in its course “progress” , do not want anything with the Party. 3/ Because it fears the reactions of the antitaurinos. 4/ Because they do not want to displease his second vice-president.

3. Do you have to fix it?

of course! Like so many measures announced by the Government and, then, corrected. The ambiguity of the Decree allows for it perfectly. What is needed is to want to do it. Why would you do that? Only if there is a social reaction strong . We have already seen: and it only took the statements of Juan Echanove and Lluís Pasqual for the minister of Culture would rush to get to the actors. They have been wrong the professionals in the bullfighting arena, relying on the good words and believing that it was best to keep quiet, hoping to grant some help. The only thing that will move the Government is a broad mobilization of all the bullfighting world , professional and amateur, with a warning that, if they do this to the Party, none will vote for PSOE: this I do understand it. By this way, it starts to go, shyly, the statement of the Union of Toreros: “Perhaps the time has come to position ourselves against those who deny us the right to exist”.

4. In the background, Pablo Iglesias

Clarify this conflict the phrases of Paul’s Churches on the Feast, in the Senate: “bothers Me greatly that they claim runs as a cultural practice “. And it proposes a referendum on its survival. He has already given you an adequate response Victorino Martín, from the Foundation of the Toro de Lidia . His conclusion is indisputable: “The culture is not comfortable, the culture is free.” How sad to have to remind this to a vice-president of the Government!!! He is bound to know that, by law, Bullfighting is part of our cultural heritage and that the authorities are obliged to defend it and promote it.

As cults, at least, as is Paul’s Churches –and some of them, as communist as he–, were some passionate about the bulls as Rafael Alberti, Miguel Hernández, Goya, Picasso, Hemingway, Orson Welles, Francis Bacon, Tierno Galván… I Guess that reminds Churches with a famous sentence of Federico García Lorca: “Is the Party more learned, that there is in the world today”. Maybe he is of the opinion that Lorca was an uneducated and a look…

Paul Churches have the right to disturb greatly the indisputable fact that Bullfighting is part of the popular culture of our people. To some Spanish people, fans or not of bulls, troubling them greatly that someone like him is vice-president of the Government of Spain.