The american watchdog, aiming, arrows on Amazon


U.s. authorities have embarked on a series of interviews of the businesses that sell their products through Amazon. The regulator, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wants to verify that the webwinkelreus have a dominant market position is abused.

for At least three retailers, let them know that they can have a conversation of about an hour and a half and have been with the investigators from the COMMISSION. The question of who is in this state, the amount of revenue to Amazon is implemented, and how much is using a similar feature of its time. Amazon is claiming in his defense of mededingingsklachten often find that retailers are able to choose which platform they can sell their products.

According to the experts, points out that the purpose of the study is that the marktwaakhond a thorough search of the Amazon to prepare. The internet itself has no mention of the existence of a cartel investigation. The COMMISSION abstained from commenting.

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