the U.s. drug Bart Helmus (39) was, along with his girlfriend, Sirinapha Wisetrit (31), a Thai prisoner in Hanoi, Ton Nintet(41) escapes from a Thai prison. During their escape there was a shoot-out where a cop was stabbed by a Bart Helmus. The officer was in a critical condition at the hospital, while the three of them could escape. Once outside, they were met by a getaway car. At the time of their departure, in the car, was again, a shoot-out with a further three bullets were fired at the police, who have them on their heels, and sat.

Bart Helmus was given the death penalty after cops in July, the man of ideas, and 1kg of crystal Meth and found that it’s good to have a street value of approximately € 70,000, and a gun with plenty of ammunition, and 6000 euros in cash. As he waited for his punishment had to be a man to escape, as he is a weapon in the hands of me. How can he have this weapon and knew how to get hold of, it is still not clear. The three of them that will captivated, I could continue to flee, and have been, to date, has not yet taken hold. About the all over the country, a warrant of arrest be forwarded to the fugitives yet to be found. Once that is done, the three are accused of attempted murder of a police officer, escape from prison, and threatening people with a firearm, illegal possession of a firearm and carrying and firing a weapon in a public place without good reason.

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the fact remains, as yet arrested, and after a heroic effort
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