The american government has the 28 Chinese companies, the sanctions for the violation of human rights


The U.s. government has imposed sanctions on 28 Chinese organisations and companies. That is in accordance with the US involved in human rights violations, and abuse of the Uighurs and other muslim minorities in the region of Xinjiang, according to a statement from the U.s. department of Commerce on Monday. The measure, like the Americans, to say that prevent U.s. products are to be used for “defenseless minority” of causing harm.

The companies involved and the authorities were on a “black list” of organizations that pose a risk to the national security or foreign policy interests. The administration of president Donald Trump is more concerned with the role that they play in the Chinese oppression of the Uighurs, a muslim people in the western part of the country.

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In the black list includes, among others, the eight Chinese technology companies, such as the surveillancebedrijven Hikvision and Dahua. The surveillanceapparatuur from Hikvision, would be used, for example in the internment camps in which, according to some estimates, 1 million, Uyghurs are being held. According to the secretary of state for Trade Wilbur Ross, the US, and the “brutal suppression of ethnic minority groups in China, will not be tolerated”. The Chinese government has always maintained that the concentration camps in Xinjiang, a type of training where the service is being dealt with, and the people’s new skills are learned.

these companies may not an American product to buy. Yet, it is on the list of twenty agencies, including the Department of Public Safety and security of the autonomous region of Xinjiang.

the more-or-less simultaneously with the announcement on the sanctions, said the president, Donald Trump vis-à-vis the American media about the trade between China and the united states later this week. He is cautiously optimistic of. “We think there’s a chance that we have something very, very major can do it,” said the president.
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