In the Syrian border region of the American forces were attacked by Turkish artillery fire. That is, the united states department of Defense announced.

The attack was found Friday close to the border town of Kobani, which the Turks know that the American troops are there”, says the Pentagon. In “few hundred meters” of its troops, there was an explosion, sounds like it’s still there. There were no injuries.

The Turkish ministry of national Defense has denied the allegations that have been made by the united states and argues that there is not a shot at the Us forces or a military alliance against the terrorist organisation ISIS.

U.s. troops have not retreated from Kobani, a spokesman for the Pentagon. The United States continues to be strongly opposed to a Turkish military offensive in Syria, and especially in the Turkish operations, “in the areas where the Turks themselves are well aware of the American soldiers.


The Turkish ministry of Defense said in a statement that the Turkish border guards were attacked at the south of the town of Suruc, about one-half mile from a Us observation post. “As an act of self-defense,” which was to the crossfire to open the “terrorists”, whom the Turkish government, typically, the Kurdish militia says. In addition, there were no shots fired at Us border patrol, sounds like.

According to the Turks, “all precautionary measures have been taken so that the Us is not touched, it ought to be.
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