The Syrian Regime, The Alliance between Assad and Putin crumbling of The Kremlin have enough of those in power in Damascus, say it in Russian media. Without help from the West: a reconstruction in the far distance, seems. But the Alternatives to him, there is probably no.Moritz Baumstieger17 Kommentare17Da they were still satisfied with each other: Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Syrian head of state Bashar al-Assad at the beginning of the year in an Orthodox Church in Damascus. Photo: Keystone

Turquoise sky, a Bungalow in the sunlight, and above all: splashing the water over a swimming Pool. David Hockneys paintings of “The Splash” may be minimalist, the price it reached in February, at an auction of Sotheby’s, was rather opulent: 23.1 million British pounds, approximately 27.5 million Swiss francs. The bidder who got the contract, remained anonymous, in April, the Russian newspaper said, however, “to have Gosnowosti” it exposed: Syria’s ruler Bashar al-Assad is said to have bought the work for his wife. From auction house in London – the city, in the Assad once its there-born and raised wife, Asma learned – be familiar with the painting on the road to Damascus.

If the rulers are associated with art auctions, in conjunction, electrified the Boulevard. And although at least questionable that Assad is actually the buyer, on listened here also, Syria-experts: The message of the “Gosnowosti” added in a series of analysis and news the Russian media, the left will stand with the allies of President Vladimir Putin bad. While, according to the world Bank, 80 per cent of Syrians live below the poverty line, 45 per cent of the dwellings in the country are destroyed, and half of the hospitals are buying the dictator millions of expensive gifts?

A as “Tiger” known to the General as a possible successor

called Other voices raised on the political Act: “Weak” is Assad and “unable to solve” the crisis in his country, wrote the Russian news Agency RIA-FAN. Quoting a survey, for a Russian Foundation, 1000 Syrians surveyed want to have: Only 31 percent rated Assad’s work and wanted to vote in the 2021 scheduled election for him. Compared to the 88.7 percent that want to have joined Assad for the last out of Russia recognized the vote in 2014, a would the however, a remarkable loss.

Arab media from the Anti-Assad camp have reported in the light of these sounds soon, that Putin had lost patience with the clients. Fast course name, whom he intended, instead, to install in Damascus: of The under the fight name of “Tiger” known General Suhail al-Hassan was called, but also opposition politicians, such as Ahmad al-Jarba.

A close Putin Confidant agitates against Assad

here is probably the wish was father to the thought, not said on Tuesday, even the US envoy for Syria in a video stream, held a panel discussion: “Russia is not happy with Assad,” said James Jeffrey, “but the Problem is: they see no Alternative to him.” Also in Damascus, you know, which is why Assad is allowed, at last, even, to sabotage the of Russia, launched the Committee, in the Syrians from the Opposition and government should work with Independent a new Constitution. Moscow had hoped for, so the political Isolation by the West in its policy on Syria to break through and clear the way for urgently needed funds. The 250 billion dollars, the cost of the reconstruction of Syria at least, has left neither Russia nor Assad’s other ally Iran.

at the same time the Syrian Regime will have noted that not just anyone in Moscow, the harsh tones sent by The news Agency RIA-FAN Prigoschin belongs to Yevgeny, Putin’s cook “– Mr called the take” about Troll armies and the mercenaries of the “Wagner”, the delicate missions for the Kremlin.

It is not better to the enemy: Yevgeny Prigoschin.

Screenshot: ZDF

a Little later came the career diplomat Aleksandr Aksenenok with Assad, the inevitable “reforms” resist and “unwilling or unable” to get a grip on corruption. Aksenenok was previously Ambassador to Syria and is now Deputy Director of the Russian Council for International Affairs, is closely associated with the Ministry of foreign Affairs. His comment does not represent the official Position of the think tanks, but was published on the Website.

supporters are wondering what you

the signals of The dissatisfaction will come to a point in time from Moscow, the Assad tricky: After nine years of war, he has Syria, largely, again, Robert, but more and more of his supporters are wondering what they fought for. Destruction and sanctions to the economy, the shortages are severe. Last week, used Assad, the otherwise room directly the word “Hunger” in a speech, shortly after he dismissed the Minister of Commerce. His successor will not have it easy; the currency is in free fall, instead of 50 pounds, as of 2011, a Dollar is now 1500 pound value. And as Rami Makhlouf, the richest man in Syria and Cousin of the President, the breach of taboo committed, and Assad criticized recently in a Video that he played, indirectly, to the discontent that prevails even in the minority of the Alawite sect to which the Regime based its Power.

Khaled al-Aboud, a member of Parliament, and Parliament had a Secretary with a tight wire the security services, now is a very own idea, such as national Unity, restore might be: As a response to the negative comments from Moscow, he threatened the Russian army with a guerilla war. If Assad wool, wrote Aboud, he could pay off Putin from the pages of history books.

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