Welcome to the Wolf suggests that, for the second year in a row, the attack on the sheep to begin with the start of the season. According to the Welcome to the Wolf came to the Agency for Nature and Forest, and the mistakes, as well, by not only monitoring the jagerij as well as by the hunting society.

“The CAC has the butter on it’s head and, in the case of the murder at the she-wolf Head, as in the case of the attack upon the sheep,” says Jan, Amazed by the Landscape association.

Now that it’s hunting season again in all its intensity, it is going to are in accordance with the Landscape association – the association behind the Welcome to Wolf in the attack on the sheep again. “Now, with the chase all over again rampant, not least in the fields covered by the Agency for Nature and Forest, there is no longer a place where you wolf of August for some peace and quiet,” explains Loos out. “And so it is only logical that the individual with the frequency of the clock out of its core is being driven in the area of agriculture lands, where, unprotected, sheep are the most obvious prey.”

Welcome to the Wolf that attacks the sheep by the end of the season to continue. There is an accusing finger at the CAC pointed out to us. “The mismanagement of the CAC, which occurs in the final, even outside in the nature, feel it and be playing it, indirectly, even to the sheep farms issue,” says Loos. “We don’t have any confidence in the overall functioning of the Agency for Nature and forests. In the operation of the Natuurinspectie, which is relatively independent of the rest of the institute’s operations. We have set our hope on the new prime minister of the Flemish Zuhal Demir, because of the civil service of western union will set the vision and the solution, clearly, is not to come.”

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