The Antwerp federal police in the night between Wednesday and Thursday, along with a number of local police forces is a controleactie held against transmigration, along the E313 and E34. In total, 43 of the persons in management are not held to originate from Afghanistan, Cameroon, chad, and Eritrea. A large part of the transmigranten declared a minor.

According to the federal police, the phenomenon of transmigration in the past few months, clearly to be seen and felt at the Q-parking area in Ranst, along the highway E313/E34 motorway. “Transmigranten by trams and buses of The Line into the territory of the municipality of Wommelgem”, you hear the sound of it. “From there, they move into small groups to Q8 in the city, where they will then be on the truck or be thrown in the direction of the United Kingdom.

The police department held for the seventh time in four months ‘ time, in a co-ordinated controleactie, with the support of both federal and local law enforcement, the Department of foreign affairs and the public prosecutor’s office. The Line worked this time, along with the inspectors at the several bus and tram lines are close to Wommelgem. In addition to the capture of the transmigranten, according to the police, the aim in the longer term, the networks of people smugglers in order to expose.

“If we are the criminal people smugglers that are behind this, on the radar to be able to put them out, then we will take it,” said Jean-Claude’s Favor, a new federal police force. “If they don’t have to be a passage for people to organize and to facilitate this, there will be a lot less of the journey to England to try to make it. On a regular politieactie to do so, we want to transmigranten uses in order to give it a go-and themselves-in danger.”
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