Declining purchases. According to a zoom study by the Cetelem Observatory with Harris Interactiv and Toluna, 70% of French people can no longer buy certain food products due to inflation: fish and meat, aperitif biscuits, alcohol… But also fresh fruit and vegetables for 33 % the French.

According to this study, consumers would fall back on low-cost products to be able to buy more and 37% of those questioned admit to eating less balanced than before. Many also explain that they pay close attention to food waste and do everything to reduce it. If it is easy to organize when you know the expiry date of a product, this is not always the case for fresh fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, it is possible to limit breakage by storing your fruits and vegetables intelligently.

As the association of fresh fruits and vegetables explains, not all fruits and vegetables like the fridge! Here are the ones you can safely slip into your vegetable drawer:

Others don’t, including melon (although many people do), tomatoes, and peaches. How do you store them if you can’t keep them cool? On this subject, the association advises to keep them in a “cool and dry” place. To prevent midges from attacking them, you can place one or two corks in your fruit basket: in addition to repelling insects, they absorb the humidity released by your fruits and allow them to be eaten. Longer.

If you have a cellar, you can very well store your fruits and vegetables there, if – and only if – it is well ventilated. This room of the house is a great place for potatoes, because they will be protected from light there, just like garlic, onions, squash…

Last point, pay attention to the fruits you keep together, in the same bowl! Indeed, some do not mix well and a bad choice could cause them to ripen much too quickly, which would force you to throw them away… Find out which ones in the slideshow below.