The 12 shots of Christmas: how the six midday masters spent their fortune?


They are part of the large family of 12 noon shots. From anonymous status, these candidates have in common to have been midday master for several months. On each broadcast on TF1, they shone with their general knowledge by reaping the victories and the mysterious stars found.

For the end-of-year celebrations, six emblematic candidates will participate in the 12 Christmas shots, this Saturday, December 24, orchestrated by Jean-Luc Reichmann. The opportunity for fans of the show to find their favorite candidates like Bruno, the big millionaire of the show, Blandine, Sylvie, Timothée, Xavier and the current midday master Stéphane. Split into two clans, they will be accompanied by two stars named team leaders: actress Michel Bernier and comedian Florent Peyre.

An evening of celebrations under the sign of solidarity since the stars and candidates will play together for the benefit of the Restos du Cœur. Their common goal? To try to offer a minimum of 100,000 meals to the association created by Coluche in 1985. But who says Christmas magic also says surprises and gifts for viewers. “They too will be able to try their luck in order to win 12 checks for €5,000 but also all the fabulous gifts from Santa’s hood such as a scooter, a television or even a ski holiday”, specifies the press release from chain.

This is the great challenge that awaits our six great champions of the 12 noon shots. If each had an incredible journey by participating in the daily game of Jean-Luc Reichmann, they also amassed a great fortune over the victories. Like the current champion Stéphane who has already accumulated more than 500,000 euros in winnings and gifts after 125 participations.

Asked by Planet, the father from Haute-Marne told us what he would do with his kitty. Like this stay in Paris with his mother to see the Christmas lights. “She has never been to the capital. Climb the Champs-Élysées, even the Eiffel Tower. Possibly take a little boat trip because she has never seen that in her life”. Apart from this beautiful gift to his mother, the midday master also wants to have fun and spoil his loved ones. “I’m going to live sparingly. I’m going to benefit my children and my family of course. But I’m not going to change”, he confessed to Télé Loisirs in November 2022.

However, the large accumulated gains will be used to cover his old expenses. “I have two vehicles that I have to repay as well as a mortgage. The money I have won will largely cover everything,” he assured our colleagues. Before knowing how far Stephane will go on the show, what happened to the other five champions? What did they do with their immense fortune? Planet does the accounts in pictures in the slideshow below.