The 12 Christmas shots: 3 things to know about the TF1 special


The big New Year’s Eve is approaching. Like every year for the Christmas holidays, TF1 broadcasts a special edition of 12 noon shots. This Saturday, December 24, Jean-Luc Reichmann invites the faithful (young and old) fans of the program to gather in front of their television to enjoy this event in joy and good humor.

Before the broadcast of this new issue of 12 Christmas shots, Planet reveals three pieces of information to know about the progress of the show on TF1. If the rules of the game remain unchanged compared to the classic daily version, six noon grand masters will compete round after round by answering questions of general knowledge asked by the host. Here is the list below.

Among the emblematic champions of the 12 noon shots, viewers will find Bruno, the greatest master of the game and the only millionaire to date, Stéphane, the current midday master (5th in the ranking) Timothée, the Aveyron farmer (9th midday master), the unbeatable Xavier (11th on the list), Blandine the air hostess (38th), and the ex-champion Sylvie.

For this evening hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann, the great midday masters are accompanied by two team leaders. Faces well known to viewers when they have never been candidates or champions of 12 noon shots. Obviously, for this occasion, two stars have been specially designated to be leaders of each camp. Who are they ?

For this evening of the 12 Christmas shots on TF1, the six great noon masters will be divided into two teams. Each camp will be led by a celebrity who will play alongside them. This is the actress Michèle Bernieret comedian Florent Peyre, seen this year on the floor of Dancing with the stars.

If we do not yet know the composition of the teams, the two celebrities will accompany the six emblematic midday masters during the show. Laughter, anecdotes and sharing will be there. However, a Christmas special would be nothing without the presence of Santa Claus, but also of several special guests.

As indicated in a press release on December 6, Jean-Luc Reichmann will also welcome on his show the 13 students of Star Academy 2022 (see the behind-the-scenes video below), the starred chef and Top Chef judge Hélène Darroze without forget the singer Tayc (winner of season 11 of DALS). Together and in music, the stars and champions of the game will make the public experience a memorable evening always under the sign of solidarity. Indeed, they will play for the benefit of an association while viewers will also be able to win many prizes in Santa’s hood.

At the end of the program Les 12 coups de Noël on TF1, the teams will have to raise a sum of money for the benefit of an association. According to the press release from the chain, they will play this year for the benefit of the Restos du Cœur to try to offer them a minimum of 100,000 meals. A boost from the heart for the work created by Coluche helping the most deprived since 1985.

Before hearing the 12 bells ring out on the evening of December 25, a few lucky ones will also have the opportunity to win several prizes. “Viewers will also be able to try their luck in order to win 12 checks for €5,000 but also all the fabulous gifts from Santa’s hood such as a scooter, a television or even a ski holiday”, specifies the chain. So come and try your luck and have a good family time watching the show on TF1.