As surprising as it may seem, our first names have a real influence on our personality. According to Cosmopolitan, the choice of first name reveals what parents say about their child, and therefore how they will educate him. Their expectations, meanwhile, are also reflected in the choice of first name, and will certainly influence the development of the brats.

But even apart from this impact, which is often not or little perceived by parents, some regret the first name they gave to their child. According to our Version femina colleagues, a study carried out by ChannelMum and published by the Mirror looked into the question… The figures are unequivocal: nearly one parent in 7 regrets their choice.

The causes of these regrets are diverse, but some of them seem to be more recurrent than others, according to Femme Actuelle. The first reason concerns the over-popularity of the first name: no reason to worry, however, your child will still be one of a kind! Others mention having been put under pressure by relatives at the time of the fateful choice, and regret not having really chosen the first name of their child.

A very original first name may seem attractive at first glance, but will probably represent an inconvenience for the person who wears it… Ditto for first names with overly complicated spelling. Finally, some deplore the fact that the first name chosen no longer suits the child as he grows up.

Find below the 10 names most regretted by parents. These results come from American social security data corresponding to the first names that are most often asked to be changed.