When it comes to choosing a vacation destination, some tourists are luckier than others. Indeed, before even thinking about packing your suitcase and imagining your toes fanning out under the coconut palms, you have to tackle the administrative procedures, in particular obtaining a visa. Depending on your nationality, the task seems more or less complex.

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Also according to this classification, disparities exist in the cost of passports. The most expensive is the Lebanese passport. Indeed, the renewal of identity paper costs approximately 753 €. The Syrian passport is worth €568. In third place, we find the Cuban passport where it will be necessary to pay more than 250 €.

The least powerful passports are those from Afghanistan with 27 visa-free countries. It’s not much better for Iraq with 29 destinations, Syria with 30 countries, Pakistan with 32 countries or even Yemen with 34 countries.

North Korea allows travel to over 40 countries compared to Nepal which only has 38.

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