The 10 most common dog names in 2022


7.5 million domestic dogs would live in France. In any case, this is explained by the Statista study of 2021, relating to canines. A figure that seems logical when we know that 20% of French people have one at home. Dogs and Gauls, would it be a great love story?

Still according to the study, France would still be in 5th position among the European countries that have the most, behind Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Poland. Exceptionally, Paris has the highest density of dogs in the world, says Femina.

To find a name, not so simple… Especially since the LOF (Book of French Origins, which certifies the purity of a dog’s breed) has established a very specific rule for pets intended for inclusion in this collection.

Indeed, informs Le Monde, this register which lists the births of our “pure” four-legged companions since 1885, has decided to impose the first letter of their name, according to the year of birth. Thus, 2022 was the year of the “S” and “T” will follow for 2023.

Sacha, Fendi, Chado… A plethora of original names are available to name his furry friend. However, certain names come up often. Planet has produced, for you, the slideshow below which lists the ten most common denominations for a dog in France, in 2022.

According to a neighborhood survey, the animal feed company “Ultra Premium Direct” established this list of 74,000 animal members of its network. According to the SPA, 12,000 abandonments since the beginning of the summer have been noted, reports 20 minutes…