Will this summer be marked by an unprecedented staff shortage? This is the fear of several sectors, which are struggling to recruit for their seasonal jobs;

In France, the summer job is however usually popular, especially among the youngest, who seek to make money during their holidays.

But these jobs are open to everyone, regardless of age. And most of the time, they don’t ask for too specific qualifications. Above all, contrary to what one might think, these summer jobs can earn you up to 3000 euros per month. In our slideshow, find the 10 seasonal jobs that pay the best (according to a study by Qapa).

On these 7 platforms, you can find many offers to apply for:

You can also search social networks, increasingly used by recruiters, in search of job postings.

This year, it is the crisis on the side of hotel professionals, who are struggling to recruit. Waiters, bartenders, receptionists are missing, and their absence could have a serious impact on the comfort of holidaymakers.

The industry has therefore decided to double down on salaries and to offer certain advantages in order to attract candidates. Still, a few days before the start of the summer holidays, there are still around 200,000 seasonal jobs to be filled in France, specifies the Express.