Generally, the conflict opposes the Julyists and the Augustians. However, it is clear that a third faction is now emerging: tourists who prefer to wait until the last moments of summer to leave. These roam the roads and foreign countries in September. But what are the advantages of such a practice? Why prefer late holidays to earlier holidays? Summary.

Very often, explains the specialized site Pierre

Another advantage, and not the least! Going in September, i.e. going off-season, is usually considerably cheaper. As the newspaper C’est à Cherbourg, the local of the portal, explains, the number 1 argument remains that of the price. “Even if this year it is much more expensive than usual, it is still more affordable to leave in June or September. Two adults, one child for a 5-star spa hotel in Greece with plane ticket: €2,000, compared to €5,000/€6,000 in July/August for the same hotel,” explains one of the vacationers interviewed.

Why not plan a little solitary vacation at the last minute? Find, in our slideshow below, the list of the most relevant destinations.