TESTIMONY. I was the mistress of a married man 25 years my senior


A forbidden story worthy of a Shakespeare play. Amélie fell in love with Michel, her boss who happened to be a married man 25 years her senior. For Planet, she looks back on this atypical meeting, their secret relationship, and the adventures that led them to spin the perfect love today. How did Michel’s children hear the news? How long did their hidden interviews last? How do they live their age difference today? Narrative.

“Michel was my superior. One evening, during a very drunken farewell, I found myself alone with him in the restaurant’s locker room. Without really remembering how or why, we kissed and We ended the evening at my house. We had to slip away without our colleagues surprising us, I found it very exciting at the beginning”, tells us Amélie.

But here it is: when she wakes up the next morning, the then 25-year-old feels guilty. “I realized that I had just had sex with my 50-year-old boss, who had been with his wife for years, and had children my age or younger than me,” she recalled.

Back at work, Amélie avoids her boss at all costs. “I started to develop feelings for him and I really wanted it. I did everything not to meet him, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him,” says the lover. Finally, Michel and she fall back into each other’s arms a few months later…

After several months, Amélie cracks and sends a message to her boss. The two lovebirds see each other in secret and fall madly in love with each other.

“I got along very well with his son, who was my age, but I started feeling guilty. His wife was suspicious and keeping the secret was very difficult for me. I couldn’t tell my friends or to my family… It was frustrating to have so much love for a man and not be able to express it, say it, shout it,” sighs Amélie.

Their secret relationship lasted two years. Two years during which no one revealed the secret. Two years during which the couple was content with private interviews, dinners in restaurants several tens of kilometers from the city, and secretiveness. Eventually the truth came out.

“One day, I got tired of being the mistress, the woman in the background. I decided to put an end to this secret relationship with a man who did not have the courage to leave his wife”, remembers Amélie with emotion.

There, Michel has a click and ends up confessing the whole truth to his wife, then to his children, as well as to all of his friends. “It all happened very quickly. He was so scared of losing me that he sent everything flying to guard me. It was a bit rough, and I was both terrified and relieved that the truth was coming out,” continues the one who is now 32 years old.

“If Michel’s wife was very angry – something I understood perfectly – his children, they took it rather well, to my surprise. It was more complicated on the side of my family, who had difficulty in understanding my relationship with a 50-year-old man. It was particularly difficult for my father, who is only two years apart from my companion,” says Amélie.

Today, Michel and Amélie spin the perfect love. “We bought an apartment together, where his children have their bedroom. We adopted a cat, and are perfectly happy. I don’t regret giving this love story a chance, which didn’t look like much at first “, she smiles.