When The School of Fans meets The Voice! For eight seasons already, the show The Voice Kids has seen the birth of young prodigies who have given voice to coaches, the public and viewers every Saturday evening on TF1. Of course, they don’t have to be ashamed of the careers of their idols like Kendji, Slimane or Louane, but they come above all to have fun and live a unique experience.

Like the talents of the class of 2022 this year, other candidates before them made a strong impression during their passage to the blind auditions. This is particularly the case of Martin who was 12 years old when he participated in the second season of telecrochet in 2015. “I arrived in The Voice Kids thanks to a friend of my mother who told her about the show. season 1 was not yet broadcast on television”, he begins with Planet.

As with each selection, the process is the same: film yourself singing the song of your choice to send it to production. Then upon returning an email, the schoolboy is told that he has been selected to participate in the casting. But there is still a long way to go before hoping to perform in front of Jenifer, Louis Bertignac and Patrick Fiori, the three coaches of season 2. “To prepare the castings, it was necessary to give a list of 10 songs in French and 10 titles in English that we would like to sing for the blind audition”, tells us the young soloist and drummer in a choir in Asnières.

After a successful first step, then a second run, Martin must now choose the song he would like to perform for his blind audition. His choice turns to a piece by Patrick Bruel, Qui a le droit? The candidate benefits from specific coaching before performing for a final stage with an orchestra. “The last stage takes place in front of the final casting jury in adequate audition conditions”, confides the music enthusiast. After a final performance, the verdict falls: he is selected for the blind auditions.

Once the euphoria of the new spin-off has subsided, you have to get to work to be ready for D-Day. From vocal coaching to on-set rehearsals, everything is linked for Martin until the start of filming. “There are two days of blind audition recordings. I was called on the second day and the shooting started early in the morning,” he continues. From his arrival with his family to his meeting with Nikos Aliagas and the interviews, Martin also finds the other candidates to share a few songs and make music.

Then the long-awaited moment arrives. The young chorister appears on stage in front of three red armchairs on which are inscribed the names of the coaches facing the public. “I’ve always used to sing with my choir, so inevitably, we suddenly find ourselves alone and left to our own devices,” he admitted, adding. “Casing nothing, we ignore it and we give everything we have to make the coaches turn around”. But, after two minutes of performance, no chair is returned.

“At that time, there is disappointment. We are not going to lie to each other, it is necessarily disappointing”, assures Martin who prefers to put things into perspective and keep smiling in front of the jury. Still, the best is yet to come for the one now studying communications. Since her appearance on The Voice Kids, her performance has been viewed 7.8 million times on YouTube. “It’s super impressive. I really didn’t expect this video to work so much,” says the musician.

On social networks where he often posts video on his channel or Instagram, Martin also retains the feedback of Internet users. “When I look at the comments, I see no malice, only benevolent messages”, he observes today. Seven years later, other candidates have also tried their luck like Martin. For his part, the young drummer remembers his meeting with the musicians and the valuable advice acquired during the show. “It is also an unforgettable experience. A moment that I will remember all my life!”.

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