Who has never dreamed of a last conversation, a last embrace with a loved one gone too soon? Chloé, 30, has had a special relationship with death since her first bereavement. When her grandfather died in 2010, the young woman found herself disturbed by “very strange, very realistic” dreams, in which her grandpa appeared. For Planet, she has agreed to testify to her unusual gift: communicating with the dead.

Of a rather spiritual nature, Chloé experiences communication from beyond the grave a few weeks after the death of her grandfather, to whom she was very close.

“I saw him, as if nothing had happened, in my grandmother’s living room. It was as if he had magically returned. And he was telling us, ‘I’m still here, I never left’ He reassured me a lot with words. This kind of dream became very recurrent. I woke up exhausted, and quite relieved, oddly. I really felt like I had shared a real moment with my grandfather. “, she says.

Then 18 years old, Chloe was shaken by these dreams but was not particularly interested in this “gift”… Until the sudden death of her cousin, in 2016. “Her death was very brutal, she was 22 years, it was a shock, explains the young woman, and since it had been several years since we really spoke, I experienced it very badly“. Only here: the young woman now 30 years old also began to have dreams where her cousin visited her.

“Here too, she reassures me, she tells me that she never really left, that she is super well. During these dreams, I somehow create new memories with her, we are accomplices again like when we were children. I think it helped me a lot to mourn,” says the 30-year-old.

Until then, Chloe hadn’t really thought about what these strange dreams represented. One day, she consults a medium who, without even knowing this story of dreams, told her that she had the gift of mediumship and that she could communicate with the deceased. “For her, they came to see me in my dreams, because it was a ‘sweet’ way for them to visit me; seeing them ‘in real life’ would probably have disturbed me too much. This clairvoyant confirmed to me that these dreams were messages, visits from my deceased, and not just my unconscious. I decided to believe it, “says the young woman.

If she still feels the lack of her loved ones, Chloé suffers much less from their absence thanks to this gift. “I understood a lot of things through this ‘power’, and I got interested in the matter more deeply. I hope to have the opportunity to work this ‘gift’ even more, to go further and continue to cultivate this strange but very comforting ‘link'”, she tells us.

Today, Chloé lives better and better these dreams from beyond. “I really appreciate these dreams now that I know it’s a way I have to communicate with them, even if it’s through a form of unconsciousness. They are more and more rare… But I hope they will never completely disappear,” she concludes.