How well do you know your neighbors? In a neighborhood, rumors circulate quickly, yet some stars know how to be discreet and can go unnoticed. What if one of them lived right across from you?

This is what happened to Lucie who discovered, 3 years ago, that she was Monica Bellucci’s neighbor. The young woman lives in a quiet and family-friendly neighborhood in the heart of Paris.

“In front of my house, there is a magnificent house, large and well maintained. One of those houses whose price could probably scare off most people from the Ile-de-France region”, she explains. “About 3 years ago, a rumor started circulating in the neighborhood about the person who would live there. It was whispered that it would be Monica Bellucci.”, continues the young woman.

Very quickly, the rumor was confirmed and Lucie thus realized that the residence which sat enthroned in front of her house was inhabited by an international star.

“No one ever sees her in the area, she is very discreet and does not take part in the life of the neighborhood at all, whether at the bakery or in the grocery stores, few people are lucky enough to meet her. She arrives always in a vehicle with tinted windows and you can only see her when she gets out to walk to her front door, “says the Parisian.

However, she tells us that she has already been able to see her daughters who were eating in a restaurant near her home with their father, Vincent Cassel.

This cohabitation gave rise to some original anecdotes in the district. Lucie, for example, remembers the day when a delivery man confused her with the talented actress. “One morning, as I return home, I see a man standing in my building hall, with a huge bouquet in his hand. He walks towards me and shows me a ticket on which it is written “Madame Bellucci”, while wondering if he was at the right address.”

Lucie then told him the right address, while feeling somewhat flattered at the idea that we could have confused her with the famous Italian.